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Dallas residential Locksmith INC

Dallas Locksmith INC isn't your average company since it goes well beyond the call of duty to help its customers when they need emergency help. We are not only open and able to help you 24 hours a day, we have a highly skilled workforce that is capable of helping you at any time.

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We can also install a Master key system to enable you have one key for your doors. This is convenient as it makes it possible to unlock or lock your doors without wasting time looking for the right key. Our technicians can help you identify the best system for you and can install it in a short time.

In case you need Lock Change, you can call us. We have a lot of good locks that we can install quickly and that are of high quality. We can also help you install if you have already bought some. We take time to do it right each time we help a customer because we know that happy customers do give us repeat business or refer us to their friends.

Our Services

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Home Lockout

If You Lost Or Broken Home Keys And Are Completely Stranded Call Dallas Locksmith INC To Help You Unlock The Door.

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Lock Installation

We will replace your Broken House Key any time that you need help with this problem. Call Us Now At 972-885-0389

If you have bought a pre-owned home and are concerned that previous owners or their family members may still have copies of your keys, we can Re Key House Locks for you. This not only makes it hard for anyone to gain access to your home, but it will give you the peace of mind that you need.
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